Limited Edition CamWood 271C Game Bat

** Sale Ends When We Sellout....Only 451 Bats Available **

  • Prime Euro Beech 100% Straight Grain
  • B​lack Textured Handle/Grip
  • ​Feel: Balanced
  • ​30 Day Warranty Included

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. What Size Should I Buy...?

Answer: We recommend you buy the same length as your normal game bat.  If you swing a 30" game bat, I would recommend a 30" CamWood 271C.

2. How heavy is the CamWood 271C...?

Answer: The youth models (29" & 30") have a target weight of -8.  So a 30" bat weighs 22oz.  The Adult Models (31" - 33") have a target weight of -3.  So a 33" bat weighs 30oz.

**The weight of the bat may not be EXACT.  There is a variance of + or - 2oz**

3. What wood species is the bat made out of...?

Answer: The CamWood 271C is made out of Euro Beech.