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What Are Others Saying About CamWood Bats?

“This training bat is absolutely the best way to teach the proper swing. After using it as head coach of SDSU, we raised our team batting average 67 points while tripling our homerun production.” - Tony Gwynn Hall Of Fame & 8x MLB Batting Champion


“This is THE BEST tool that I've run across for young kids in the game." - Mo Vaughn AL MVP

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of the Hands & Speed Trainer?
- With the added weight above the hands, when you start your swing, the weight promotes taking your hands to the ball. When you take your hands to the ball, you create the proper bat path to stay inside the ball and have a consistent swing.  With the added weight, training with the CamWood will increase your strength and also your bat speed!
What size is the CamWood Hands & Speed Trainer?
- The Youth Trainer ranges in length from 26 - 31 Inches +6oz on avg (28in = 34oz) 2.25in Barrel Size.  The Adult Trainer ranges in length from 31 - 34 Inches +12oz on avg (33in = 45oz) 2.5in Barrel Size
Is this bat too heavy for my child?
- NO!!! The way the bat is designed, the weight is near the hands so it does not feel much heavier than a normal game bat.  The added weight above the hands is going to develop proper bat path and increase their strength.
What size bat should I buy?
- We recommend that you buy the same length bat that you swing in game.  If you swing a 28in drop 10 in game, we recommend the Youth 28in Trainer.  If you swing a 32in drop 3 in game, we recommend the Adult 32in Trainer.
Can this bat be used in batting practice?
- Yes, it is a normal wood bat so it can be used during batting practice.  However, as any wood bat, if you hit a ball off the end or get jammed, it potentially could break!  We recommend using this bat off of tee and front toss so we ensure no breaks.